Your reliable timber merchants in Lonsdale

Do you want the best timber merchants in Lonsdale? Then Direct Truss & Timber Pty Ltd is what you need.

Because wood is definitely always in-demand whenever a housing project is in the works, timber merchants in Lonsdale are also very highly needed. Because of the need to have suppliers that will be true to their promises of only the best products, Direct Truss & Timber Pty Ltd makes sure that they will keep their customers because of their quality services.

Cutting to length

Most customers require their orders to be at a certain length. As Lonsdale's leader in timber merchants, we realize the need for length accuracy and we do our best to give you consistent lengths of timber as you have requested. This way, work is easier for you and you will not have to put on the extra effort of cutting them yourself.

Matching timber

When ordering in bulk, it is imporant that identical pieces are grouped so that workers will not have a hard time trying to figure out what type of timber to use on a particular project. Direct Truss & Timber Pty Ltd know this very well and we copy and match your timber the way you want them to be.

Free measuring

Sometimes clients do not know how much timber they need for a project, and they doubt themselves if they are measuring the space or the area accurately. To eliminate the hassle of ordering much more than what you need, Direct Truss & Timber Pty Ltd provides measuring services. Contact our timber merchants in Lonsdale today.

timber merchant at work in Lonsdale